Size Matters

by Swilly

Released 2019
Released 2019
Swilly is a no nonsense rock band telling it like it is, well sort of.
Swilly is a half Canadian half American rock band, with its members from Nanaimo, Kitimat British Columbia, Canada and Colorado, USA.

Fronted by singer/songwriter Steven Williams, the trio channels down and dirty classic roots rock. Rounded out by a no nonsense Lead and rhythm guitar of Kevin Campbell and Carl Holz on drums all supported by lyricist Tammy Throneberry, the band has a swaggering appetite for a good time, and an in your face attitude that is sorely lacking in modern music.

Swilly first burst onto the scene with the release of their 2017 album “Play It Loud.” With song
titles like “Canadian Beer,” “Breaking Some Glass,” and “You’re A Dick,” their unapologetic
sound won them praise from fans and critics alike. Eclectic Music Lover described the album
as “a little slice of rock’n’roll heaven, accompanied by tasty riffs and shredding guitars.”

Continuing to put their own stamp on classic rock, Swilly continued full steam ahead, with new
releases including “Kiss My Ass,” in 2018, as well as 2019’s standout “Damned.” The prolific
Canadian and American trio have showed no sign of slowing down, gaining devotees with every new release totaling over 100 songs to date.

Now they are ready to add to their catalog with the release of their new album “Size Matters.”
Packed to the brim with everything Swilly fans have come to love, “Size Matters” is a worthy
addition to Swilly’s hard hitting catalog of rock’n’roll.