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"a little slice of rock'n'roll heaven, accompanied by tasty riffs and shredding guitars."

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Main Account - @Swillymusic
Steven Williams – Vocals @MySwilly
Kevin Campbell – Guitar - @Guitarplayinggu
Doug Adair – Bass @TDougAdair
Carl Holz – Drums @holzdrums
Jason Long - Keys @hammondeggs49

Tammy Throneberry – Lyricist @TammyThroneber4

Swilly is an indie rock band (fronted by singer/songwriter Steven Williams) who record, produce and master all our own material. We believe in laughing our asses off and having fun first and that’s quite evident by our lyrics. As the saying goes, "if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life." A good work ethic doesn’t hurt either.  With that being said, this is one expensive business and most investors would laugh at the cost of bringing a music project to fruition.  

The majority of our music is blues-based, classic rock and we’ll often collaborate with different artists from around the world.  We recorded two songs with Klaus Passegger, an instrumental guitarist from Austria. He’s a hell of a guitar player so look out for him! Kevin Campbell also contributes a lot of lead guitar and he has a real talent for bringing Swilly songs to life. 

After attending Berklee, our drummer Carl Holz was part of the Washington, DC music scene, playing with some excellent bands and touring a lot. Since moving to Colorado in the '90s, he's continued to tour some, including Asia, record a lot and play with some other great bands. Presently, he's an online session drummer and freelance gigging drummer. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter as we love to chat and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please follow us on Twitter and Spotify.

Coming soon ... Get Swilly With It album and here's a teaser of the first song to be released!


The Dark Side

This is a personal song for us having lost so many and we know suicide is a touchy subject matter but we love life and cherish all who are in it. One is too many to lose. Hard Rock.

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